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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


This is PAGE 6 of real feedback from owners of our bean bag chairs.  We take great pride in each and every testimonial we receive!

Please, simply contact us for any assistance!

Thanks so much.  I'll be sure to pass the word on how great your service is. -J.G.

My son fell in love with his bean bag chair! Thanks so much! -C.M.

Thank you for the quick reply,  your customer service is AWESOME! -R.B.

My husband likes the color of the bean bags you sent us so we will be keeping the "mistakes" and we are very pleased with the quality and timeliness of our order. Thanks so much for catching the "mistake" and trying to rectify it as soon as you did. Have a Happy Holiday Season, -K.M. (blue jean was shipped instead of dark blue jean - an extremely rare mistake on our part)

I just continue to be so impressed by your ahhhhhsome service. I love the bag for my son. Thank you!! -M.S.

I want to let you know that I got my 52" cocoa velvet bean bag chair today, and it is absolutely gorgeous! It is the most comfortable thing I have ever sat on! -G.L.

Although I have not yet received the products, my experience thus far with Ahh! Products has been entirely positive. I have received samples by mail, spoken with a customer service representative, and visited the web site several times. I am excited about doing business with such an approachable and friendly company. -N.H. (she ended up very pleased)

Here is Ryan in his AHH bean bag chair...Thank you for such outstanding customer service.  -B.H. (she sent us a photo)

Dear Ahh, I love my new 45" natural cotton twill bean bag chair! I bought it recently from your outlet store and was delighted at its size and comfort, fabric softness, quality of work(wo)manship, and overall with your courtesy and promptness throughout my experience as a first-time customer of your company. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is in the market for a bean bag chair. Everyone who has been in my new chair has enjoyed its size and comfort (including people of a variety of shapes and sizes). My six-year-old friend Bennett told me he'd asked Santa for a bean bag chair. When I asked him how Santa would know he wanted such a big chair, he replied that since Santa was always watching him, he could see him right then (as he was repeatedly running and leaping into my 45" chair after happily snuggling in it through a video) and could tell it was just right for him. [When I mentioned this to his mother, she wasn't so sure, especially since she'd thought he'd only asked for a bean bag chair because his older sister Alyssa had.] Anyway, here is my real reason for writing--do you make matching footstools? If so, I'd like to order one (natural cotton twill). Thanks again for the great chair. Yours, -F.B.

The bean bag shells and liners arrived and they are just delightful !! Thank you so much for your great service and for going to the post office for me !! -M.S.

Thanks so much for keeping me informed. Your email kept me from checking the front porch every 10 minutes. We're looking forward to completing our order tomorrow. -N.H.

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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