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Customer Testimonials about
AHH Spot Bean Bag Chairs

Here is PAGE 2 of customer testimonials about our bean bag chair company, and our bean bag chairs and covers. We are so happy to know that you appreciate our products.  Remember, all of our bean bags include washable covers, and super strong liners that resist water!  Our bean bag chairs will not break on you!

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We asked current customers if they wanted us to extend our warranty and if it would make a difference for them to have a longer warranty, almost everyone said it wasn't necessary! Some replies:

I know your bean bags lasts for a long time. -D.M.

No, yours are the best! -C.P.

Since I already have experience with your company, which was excellent by the way, then honestly, no, it wouldn't make a difference. -M.K.

Extending your warrantee would not affect any subsequent purchases I might make. (1) If it's gonna break, it'll do it within two years. (2) It's not gonna break! Thanks for asking, -D.H.

You have a well made product. 10 years would be a nice addition but I would still buy again from your company if you don't change the warranty.

You have taken care of my needs well. Thank You -J.S.

No. You make a fine product. Warranty is not an issue. -D.C.

More testimonials:

Hi! I received two beanbags from your company as a gift from my mother 2-3 years ago. My kids LOVE their beanbags and have worn them down. They are in need of more fill. My daughter has autism and I remember ordering the fill that your website said kids on the spectrum and with sensory issues preferred. However, I cannot remember which fill that was. I looked on your website and did not see the info. about autism and specific fill mentioned now. Do you perhaps have this information? - C.F.

Hi, I just purchased two bean bags from you. Very nice product. One of the bags is being auctioned at our school with added monogramming. Do you have a color brochure that describes your ahh bags? I would like to place it next to the bag at auction. This would emphasize its quality/price. Not a bad advertisement for you guys either. Thanks. -G.M.

We recently ordered and received a 37 inch blue denim bean bag from you and it's awesome!  We'd like to order the smaller one for use as an ottoman and wanted tan denim.  I couldn't find the small in tan denim online.  Do you still carry this? Thanks! -A.B.

I have your bean bag and am very happy with it. I'd like to purchase custom covers. -J.P.

Your bean bag chairs arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Thank you! They far exceeded expectations! Beautiful colors, workmanship and sooo comfortable. We gave out your website address to many people who wished they had opened the beanbag package on Christmas! Thanks again -D.T.

Our beautiful bean bag just arrived...many thanks and Happy Holidays. -K.X.

Got my bean bag chair, loved it! Great work and thanks - J.W.

I like the personal touch of your company. The convenience of the Internet but it's nice to know that there is someone behind all the technology. Happy Holidays -L.B.

Received a VERY large box from AHH! Have not opened it - managed to sneak it into hiding without my 13 year old seeing it, as it is her surprise Christmas present. Can't wait to see what's inside - should make her very happy. Thanks! Hope all there have a nice holiday. I'm very impressed with your company - bean bag chair products, customer service, website, etc. - and wish you the best. I'll bet y'all even have FUN at work (best sign of a good company). My only concern is that I will like the beanbag so much that we'll want to furnish our entire house with these (I have my pattern picked out already!). As I have recently left my "real" job to work with my husband in his relatively new small business, I am more appreciative of efforts to give good service and be the best business you can be. -L.S.C.

The order process was very easy and the site was great! My questions and concerns were quickly answered. My family is enjoying their beanbag as I write. I hope to convince my sister's family to also purchase a beanbag soon. Sincerely, S.O.

They sent us tons of fabric samples which really helped us both select what we wanted and have the same level of purchasing confidence as if you got to a brick & mortar store. REALLY helpful people, too. Not pushy. They genuinely wanted us to be happy with what we bought from them. -anonymous shopper

I want to say WOW! You replaced our faulty bean bag cover ASAP . We say thanks. Great job and great company. We will remember this. Thanks -W.S.

Hello I just ordered 2 of the Zig Zag bean bags- 37 inch and am considering having several of the 45" bean bags made as well. By the way, you were right.. we looked around at other bean bags and yours are the best! Thanks much -T.B.

I received my premium beanbag, Martha Stewart woven bean bag chair, yesterday. Actually, it was waiting patiently for me on the porch when I got home from work last night. It is great! I love it! First of all, the bean bag fit perfectly through my tiny apartment entrance door; slipped, like a hand in a well worn glove, in the empty spot that was waiting for it to arrive; and the color and fabric really enhance the decor. The chair, the empty spot, the decor and I are all very happy. Thanks! I received excellent service and the bean bag chair arrived in perfect shape. I will be back, and I will tell my friends about your products. Thanks again for a great on-line shopping experience. Sincerely, -J.H.

I wanted to thank you for your prompt response and to acknowledge that we have received our bean bag and are so happy with it. (I can't get my son out of it). I appreciate the call we received on Tuesday to ensure that we received it. Thanks again. -C.R.

We have had one of your chairs for about a year now. My mom purchased it for my daughter and she loves it. Actually, we all do! :o) -C.D.

The bean bags are very high quality, just great. Thank you. -C.F.

I received my bean bag chair and the bean bag cover in less time than I expected. THANK YOU MUCH - K.C.

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