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NEW! LiL Me Doll Bean Bags!

NEW! Matching Girl-Doll Bean Bags!

Earthy Waves Cotton

  • 37" wide
  • Sizes: 27", 32", 37" best seller, 52" wide
  • 37" wide
Ships out the next weekday. Transit time is normally 1-5 weekdays. Add up to 1 week for personalized items.
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Product Description

Earthy Waves has a 100% cotton cover that is machine washable.  Our bean bag chairs all come with an inner water-repel liner that holds the filling.  That way, you can remove and wash the cover!  This style has bold wavy stripes of dark red, tan, slate blue, and black.  Great bean bag for guys who want color and style, but nothing too feminine!  We love this one!

THe cover and liner are covered by our 10 year warranty.  Plus, free shipping and Made in America!

Request a free swatch, the colors on the photo may not be shown exactly right!

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Choose your size:
(27") under 3 feet tall
(32") under 5 feet tall
(37") most kids and adults - most popular size
(52") multiple kids, larger adults. 52" comes in 2 boxes - first box holds bean bag half-filled, second box holds remaining filling that you put into the liner yourself.
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Choose your filling type:
Reground is small pieces of styrofoam that vary in shape and size, from about 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
Virgin bead is 1/8 inch round balls (like BBs).
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reground.jpg  virgin.jpg


There are 1 review(s) for Earthy Waves Cotton

  • No buyers remorse here!

    by Meredith Bong – 24th Jun 2014

    I *love* the bean bag. Not a moment of buyers remorse!

    Thank you