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Denim (many colors)

  • Blue
  • 14" wide Doll Blue Denim
  • Red
  • Brick Red
  • Eggplant
  • Sizes: 27", 32", 37" best seller, 52" wide
Ships out the next weekday. Transit time is normally 1-5 weekdays. Add up to 1 week for personalized items.
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Here are a few helpful links:

About Our Bean Bags (covers, liners, filling)
About Organic Cotton Bean Bags (only the cover is organic)
Choosing the Right Size *52" comes in 2 boxes: read more here
10 Year Warranty
Flammability Code (all filled bean bags have flame retardant on the filling; only "Kinetic Energy-plum" bean bags have flame retardant on the cover)


There are 52 review(s) for Denim (many colors)

  • Still happy

    by Unknown – 15th Feb 2021

    We’ve owned our bag for close to 10 years. The denim cover has held up well with 5 kids. We are ordering our second refill of beans, but the cover is good as new.

  • Large Denim Bean Bag

    by Cheryle S – 15th Dec 2020

    We’ve had a large bean bag for 20 years and it’s still like brand new! If you’re looking for a bean bag chair, these are the best by far. It has survived 6 grandkids, and we just bought two of them for 2 of the grandkids and they will be thrilled to get their own! Great product, great people to do business with. Love these bean bag chairs!

  • 15-ish years and still the best

    by MJ Connor – 26th Sep 2020

    We bought two beanbags for the kids, 15-ish years ago. Kids have moved out but thankfully don’t have room yet for their beanbags, which means we get to use them. They’re in as good shape as they were when we bought them.

  • Denim bean bags are great and last !

    by Unknown – 25th Aug 2020

    We’ve had our denim bean bags for years. And now the bean bags are going off to college with the kids!

  • Over 10 years and counting

    by Elizabeth Barber – 17th Jul 2020

    These bean bags continue to serve our family and remain my growing children’s favorite place to sit for movie nights. I’m thrilled to see this company going strong 13 or so years after we placed our first order and I’m ordering more virgin bead to make our three bags last for another ten years! A quick wash of the covers makes them look like new.

  • 10 years and still going strong!

    by Ashlee – 17th Apr 2020

    We have had our bean bag for about 10 years and are just now getting new filling. I need to get two more because my kids fight over the one we have.

  • 10 years and still going strong

    by Ashlee – 17th Apr 2020

    We have a Demin covered bean bag and we love it. We are finally getting new fill and 2 more bags.


    by Joanna B. – 31st Mar 2018

    So far so good! Bag arrived in a timely fashion, and we are excited to see it flung around by some tweens at our public library.

    We'll be ordering 2 more now that we've seen the first, and will be back to review on durability :)

  • We purchased this bean bag April 2008

    by Kelly D – 26th Mar 2018

    We purchased this bean bag April 2008 for my son who was 3 yrs old at the time. It is now March 2018 and he is 13 yrs old and just asked me if we can get more beans in the bean bag chair. After 10 years, it could use a refresh and I am extremely pleased as to how well this product has held up. It has been well used, but not abused. I would purchase this again in a heart beat.

  • 52" Bean Bag is Much Loved!

    by Deborah – 27th Dec 2017

    My whole family loves this bean bag. My son tells me that it is awesome! We bought this bean bag about a year ago, and we are back for more filling.

  • 5 years and going strong

    by Sue – 29th Nov 2017

    We have 1 bag that has been going strong for over 5 years! In fact kids were arguing over who's turn it was with the bag so we got another! both are doing great!!They are super comfy and light enough to move to different rooms so you are not stuck in one place.

  • The very best!!

    by Lani – 2nd May 2017

    I bought 4 denim beanbag chairs for my boys and 12 years later only 2 refills and they're still going strong!!

  • Durable crash pad

    by Leah B. – 28th Nov 2016

    My kids love to crash and burrow into their beanbags. Fabric is very durable.


    by Mike – 15th Nov 2016

    We purchased two denim bean bag chairs for our 3 year old twins 11 years ago and they still look great. They are the favorite chairs in our house with kids and dogs.

  • Durable and Comfortable

    by Chris P. – 20th Oct 2016

    They have been the perfect addition to our college library. I barely had the first one out of the box and there was a student already comfortable in the chair.
    We would recommend them to any Library.

  • Great Product! 10+ years and still going strong.

    by Mike from NJ – 27th Apr 2016

    I purchased one in 2003 and one 06 and both are still in great shape. Refilled the 1st few yrs back and its perfect. Need a refill on the 2nd. Highly recommend.

  • Durable and Comfortable

    by Tonya – 20th Dec 2015

    My oldest daughter received her bean bag from her grandparents probably 10 years ago as a birthday gift. Now that she is in college, it is time to adds some more filler and send it back with her for the Spring semester! Excellent choice for years of enjoyment!

  • Beach house bean bag

    by Susan S. – 26th Nov 2015

    Purchased 2 for beach house. Lot of use past couple of years and have held up well.

  • Denim Bean Bag

    by Sue Lipsey – 24th Jul 2015

    We purchased two of these bean bags, the last one as a Christmas gift 2 yr ago. They are incredibly durable and my teenagers LOVE them. We have refilled many times and find the fill from Ahh! is of superior quality!

  • Owner of 2 Denim Bean Bags

    by Ginger – 3rd Jun 2015

    We received 2 denim bean bags for our sons for Christmas a year ago. They are used every day, not just by the kids, but by us and the dog as well. They wash very well. Ours have been used enough that we need to get new filler for them, but we are looking forward to them being as big and comfy as they were when we first bought them. With the boys, they get a lot of abuse and have held up well, but need the filler a bit sooner than I expected.

  • Still Perfect After Four Years.

    by J – 7th May 2015

    We bought our 37" denim bean bag chairs in 2011 and they are still in great condition. The liners are fraying near the zippers so it is a bit difficult to unzip the liners without getting the thread caught - but other than that, the bags are still going strong! My son just arrived at his first duty station and asked me to mail his bean bag chair to his dorm room :) They are very good quality and super comfy.

  • beanbags in beach house game room

    by Elizabeth Potter – 5th Mar 2015

    About three years ago I ordered two 37in chairs in a heavier duty jeans color fabric. The chairs have been in our game room in our ocean front beach house that we rent in the summer. I wash the covers every fall and then my family enjoys them until the next rental season in June. The appearance could be brand new except they are definitely ready for a refill to spruce up their look and feel.

    Thank you for quality merchandise.

  • Continually used for the last 4 years!

    by Amy Duncan – 19th Jan 2015

    Our 3 kids got these as a Christmas gift from my mom in 2010 and they've been used every day! Even our dog (80 lbs) loves the bean bag and will bark at the kid in 'his' bean bag. If the kid doesn't move, the dog will sit on the chair and try and push the kid out. If the dog is in the chair first, the kid bribes the dog to get out by getting him a treat. Even the dogs we foster love the bean bag chairs! You can imagine how many times we've washed the covers! These bean bag chairs are THE best!

    Kids and dogs have loved these chairs! We foster dogs for a local rescue group and for one dog, in particular, these chairs were an important part of her rehabilitation (see photo of little golden dog in green bean bag with 2 kids petting her. We had to keep her leashed because she was basically feral with high anxiety and would flee at the slightest movement. She's been picked up in rural Virginia with 5 puppies. She was absolutely gorgeous but would be put down if she couldn't be socialized. After seeing our 80 lb. Lab make himself at home in the bean bag, she mimicked him. She loved nesting in that chair and it really helped calm her down. We used her love of the bean bag as part of her rehabilitation. After 3 months with us, she was adopted out. It's one of the many occasions that I appreciated the covers could be washed. I'm so glad I found you!

  • 52 inch denim bean bag chair

    by Lauren – 22nd Dec 2014

    We love this chair. Big enough for two to watch TV together! Washes well and very comfy!

  • Still Looks Brand New

    by Jill – 10th Dec 2014

    I bought this beanbag chair for my son 2 years ago. It is so comfortable that I find him in it every morning before school and every night before bed. He's a teen now and mostly sits in it to work on homework and code. It gets lots of use and still looks brand new.

  • Worth every penny...We want more!

    by Jana – 8th Dec 2014

    We live internationally, and saved awhile for this purchase. I really wanted a cuddle soft, but decided to go with the denim. No regrets! The material is cozy enough that even the babies love to snuggle there. The color of the medium blue is the perfect, classic jean look, and washability is excellent. I don't know if it has to do with living in the tropics, or the five active children jumping in it daily, but our bag was ready to refill in about 3 months.

  • My chair!

    by LeeAnn – 7th Dec 2014

    My son loves his beanbag chair! It is his chair and will share it with no one. He feels safe and secure in it - important for a child with SPD!

  • Favorite Seat in the House!

    by Nicole Burleson – 4th Dec 2014

    My 7 children and my dog (unfortunately) LOVE these bean bags! They are big enough to share and cause many arguments. Ha! The denim wears well. After many washings, they still look new!

  • Love the quality!

    by Danette – 4th Dec 2014

    I bought this bean bag for my DOG! Yes, my dog who does not like dog beds, but LOVES bean bags. He also kneads the bean bag like a cat! Because of these facts, I had been through several bean bags and had been looking for something truly durable. This denim bean bag is extremely durable. It is thick, high grade denim! My dog loves it!!

  • The only one that I liked

    by Ken – 12th Nov 2014

    I bought a 52 inch denim bag for the basement. I wanted one that you could settle down in where it molded to you. Most of the ones I looked at were either poor construction or filled with foam instead of Styrofoam. The Ahh bag I got had virgin beads. You settle right into it. Also it has a removable cover that can be washed. Great purchase.

  • Best Bean Bag Ever

    by Vivian Moniz – 11th Nov 2014

    Bought this 52" denim bean bag for my teenage grandson 2 years ago. He has loved and used it continuously since and it is still in great shape even after many washings and used by his German Shepherd. He enjoys it so much that he has taken it to his dorm at school. I also bought 2 - 37" bean bags for my granddaughters at that same time which also get lots of use and are also in incredible shape!


    by Gary & Andrea Simmons – 5th Nov 2014

    We have two small and one large bean bag - for our two boys and mom & dad. The material and filler have held up quite well over the past several years. Thank you for making a quality product!

  • LOVE these bean bags

    by Sandra Delvecchio – 3rd Nov 2014

    I purchased 2 of these bean bags for my children in December 2010. They have held up extremely well. My children are now 6 and 7 and have used these bean bags daily for the last 4 years! We love them and they are so comfortable and durable.

  • Just the right color!

    by Stephanie Arthur – 7th Aug 2014

    We love our bean bag. I ordered the dark purple denim and it is a wonderful warm purple. The cover material seems very hard wearing, even two crazy boys and the dog can't seem to put a dent in it. Ready to order bean refill after about 9 months, all the jumping has taken it's toll!

  • Best Bean Bag

    by Sarah Hando – 23rd Jun 2014

    I purchased this for my son as a gift. He uses it everyday since he has gotten it. Very nice to wash.

  • Extremely happy

    by LIndsey Brown – 28th May 2014

    We bought our bean bag over a year ago and have been spreading the word ever since. We have been extremely happy with our soft giant 52" deep purple denim bean bag as we like to all cuddle up and read together with our 3year old. It's been very portable and convenient for imaginative play, reading endlessly and has been a fun way to exert energy as needed. We haven't had any issues with pellets leaking as the internal liner is really good and secure. Despite our rough play and daily use we are just now getting around to ordering more refill.

  • Favorite seat in the house!

    by April – 13th Jan 2014

    We've had 2 of the 37" denim bean bags (one blue & one dark blue) for almost 4 years. We just ordered a replacement cover for one of them, since our curious pup recently decided to chew up the zipper. They're very durable - 2 pre-teens and 3 dogs (even the zipper-eating pup) have used them most. They also remained just as nice as when we received them through multiple washes. Highly recommended for years of use!

  • Comfy and long lasting

    by Tonya V. – 27th Dec 2013

    We have had an Ahh! Bean Bag for over 5 years. Grandparents gave it to our oldest daughter as a birthday gift. The yellow denim has held up very well and is easy to wash. Now that our daughter is a teenager, she still enjoys the bean bag!

  • Indestructible

    by Kathy G – 15th Dec 2013

    I am buying a new cover for the 37" denim bag I bought about ten years ago.The old one does not match our new house. The denim cover is still in great shape despite my two boys using it as a gaming chair, the dog using it as an upstairs bed, and various "games" involving pummeling of the chair.
    The only reason I gave it four instead of five stars is that the 37" chair is not really big enough for me to get totally relaxed on .(6ft and 160 lbs)

  • Great Beanbags

    by Michael – 29th Nov 2013

    We bought these for our teens (then preteens) - perfect size for older kids, and for adults (we have been known to borrow from the kids' room!)

  • Love our beanbags!

    by Ellyn – 29th Nov 2013

    We bought ours 3 years ago - holding up great but need more fill now. So glad we chose your n=beanbags after researching a lot - they are durable and comfortable, we have recommended to friends.

  • 52" blue denim

    by Joe S. – 25th Nov 2013

    My son has had his 52" blue denim bean bag chair for 3 years and still loves to sit in it.. It has taken a beating and still looks new, but it is time for refill.

  • Fill Er Up!

    by Robin – 21st Nov 2013

    We use bean bags in our museum, and our visitors LOVE them! Since they are used so much, we have to refill them every so often. The virgin beads work well! Buying the bean bags was one of the BEST ideas we had for our museum, and buying them form Ahh! Products was an even better idea! Thank you!

  • Still going strong

    by Edie – 7th Oct 2013

    We bought my daughter an extra-large denim bean bag for her birthday seven or eight years ago. It's popular with the whole family and has held up to everyone's use. Very sturdy and comfortable.

  • Takes a beating, Easy to Clean

    by Drew – 1st Aug 2013

    Our girls love sitting and jumping on these bags. It's great that they are so easy to clean. The interior liner is strong too. Just make sure you use a paper clip (see instructions) to open the zipper. Also, the virgin fill is soft but kind of a mess since it is so fine. I might try the reground stuff next time.

  • Getting 2 more!

    by from Pasadena – 19th Apr 2013

    We got 2 dark blue denims 37 inch ones and we love them so much we just got 2 more. Thank you.

  • Happy with red denim

    by Elizabeth W, Chambersburg, PA – 12th Feb 2013

    We are the recipient of the 37" Red denim bean bag chair... We couldn't be happier with the bean bag. It matches perfectly with our family room and the fabric is soft and durable. The kids use it to read, lounge in front of the tv, play obstacle courses, and jumping games. The size is perfect - from our 2 year old to the parents in the household, we all feel comfortable spending time in this bean bag. We so appreciate being the recipient of this amazing giveaway as the bean bag has become a central part of our daily lives. Please feel free to use any part (or all) of this review as well as the photographs attached for any marketing purposes you desire. And please email me if you do! (additional photo coming in separate email). Again, you make a wonderful product - we highly recommend your bean bags! Blessings, Liz

  • Wow!

    by Pat – 16th Jan 2013

    Got the beanbag chair today, wow! We love it. Seems like it is extremely well made, very sturdy, heavy weight denim. We bought one a couple years ago from another (well known) company. It has fallen apart. It was made with very thin material. Very disappointing. I feel confident we will have many years use from this new one. Thank you so much.

  • Everyone loves it

    by Mary B. – 13th Dec 2012

    Hi! Everyone loves my son's giant bean bag. We want to get more, but until them, everyone just uses his!

  • Awesime

    by Eric N – 16th Nov 2012

    Awesome, denim matches everything, casual but upscale, these Ahh Prods bean bags lasts forever, 2 kids, 2 Golden Retrievers, still looks great!

  • 52" Red Denim Bean Bag

    by Heather B. – 10th Nov 2012

    I love this huge bean bag! It is a top-notch quality product and perfect for my middle school library. My students fight to sit in it and the washable material makes it great for quick cleaning! Can't wait to get more!

  • Large Denim Bean Bag

    by Taunya – 6th Nov 2012

    We have the large chair with a denim cover that has been washed MANY times! We love it and the dogs love it too.