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SALE! Cuddle Bubble (many colors)

  • 37" Wide Cuddle Bubble Pink with 7 Year Old Model
  • 37" Wide Cuddle Bubble with 7 year Old Models
  • Pets Love them too! (37" with 7 year old model)
  • 14" wide Doll Pink Cuddle Bubble
  • 14" wide Doll Hot Pink Cuddle Bubble
  • Image 6
  • Baby Blue Cuddle Bubble with Close Up
  • Pink Cuddle Bubble
  • Hot Pink Cuddle Bubble
  • Purple Cuddle Bubble
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Product Description

SALE! all 37" are $30 off (sale price shown).

Just like our Cuddle Soft bean bag chairs, Cuddle bubble is super skin-friendly and soft.  The covers are polyester and machine washable.   While our Cuddle Soft is smooth and furry, Cuddle Bubble has 3-D raised bubbles on the same furry fabric.  The bubbles are indentions of the fabric, about 1/4 inch wide.  3-D is hot with kids now, right?  The plush fabric has a buttery feel, but is not shaggy at all.  Sometimes you can find baby blankets made from this fabric, which can also be called "Minky".

Each bean bag also comes with an inner liner that repels water and are so strong that they just don't break or leak.  That's not the case with so many other bean bags out there, since it seems some companies forgot how important the liner is!  Our exclusive liners are equipped with child-resistant zippers that unlock and relock so you can access the filling, but your kids can't!  Spilled filling is no fun.

All of our covers and liners are covered by our 10 year warranty.  That means the fabric, seams, and zippers.

Colors may not be shown correctly depending on your computer. Please request free swatches to see and touch this great fabric.

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Choose your size:
(27") under 3 feet tall
(32") under 5 feet tall
(37") most kids and adults - most popular size
(52") multiple kids, larger adults. 52" comes in 2 boxes - first box holds bean bag half-filled, second box holds remaining filling that you put into the liner yourself
(14") dolls, stuffed animals
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Choose your filling type:
Reground is small pieces of styrofoam that vary in shape and size, from about 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
Virgin bead is 1/8 inch round balls (like BBs).
Read more about filling types...

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There are 5 review(s) for SALE! Cuddle Bubble (many colors)

  • So comfy

    by Amy – 12th Dec 2014

    My 11 year old and 7 year old have had these for almost 3 years. They still love them! After many washes, the covers are still really soft.

  • Super Cozy!

    by MB – 5th Jun 2014

    My daughter has owned this chair for 5+ years and still loves it! We are updating her room and getting rid of her "little girl" pink scheme. I asked if she would like a new style chair and she said no way! So happy to find that you will fabricate a new cover using our material. Minky dot in aqua this time around. Thanks for a great product!

  • Cuddle Bubble

    by Robin Moresi – 7th Apr 2014

    I bought my daughter the cuddle bubble. I was amazed at how soft the outer cover was. She enjoys sitting in it to watch movies and read books. I had already recommended this bean bag to others!

  • Pure heaven in cuddle soft!

    by Jill – 1st Dec 2013

    We bought two bean bag chairs in cuddle soft fabric two years ago and they are pure heaven!! They are toted all over the house, up and down stairs, and have endured lots of jumping. They look brand new when they come out of the wash!! I just now am ordering some refill but one of our most treasured and loved items in the girl's bedrooms. Thank you,,,

  • Love!

    by Becky in OR – 15th Jan 2013

    Hi- We've love our bean bags and just ordered more filling for them. Thanks!